Solenoid Coils

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Danfoss coils are specially designed to operate in the aggressive environment with high humidity and temperature fluctuations found in most refrigeration systems.The clip-on fastening system ensures a faultless installation and makes the coils easy to mount or dismount. Clip-on coils are mounted without any tools at all, and it is simple to dismount the coil be means of a screwdriver.Clip-on coils are available for the entire range of Danfoss solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning applications.

Product Specs

Product Range

  • AC coils, clip-on, for solenoid valves
  • DC coils, clip-on, for solenoid valves
  • BJ and BX, AC coils with UL approval
  • BV, AC coils with ATEX approval
  • BZ, AC coils with ATEX approval
  • Coils for Electronically Operated Valves AKV/AKVA/AKVH
  • EEC Electronic coil control
  • AC coils, for EVU solenoid valves
  • DC Coils, for EVU solenoid valves
  • Coils, accessories, spare parts



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