Pressure switches and thermostats

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The range of pressure switches and thermostats cover a lot of applications within refrigeration and air conditioning. The pressure switches and thermostats are in two categories: KP as standard and RT for heavy duty purposes. The switches can be delivered for fluorinated refrigerants as well as ammonia.

Product Specs

Product Range

  • KP/ KPU thermostats, standard applications
  • RT thermostats / RT differential thermostats, heavy duty applications
  • UT thermostats
  • KP / KP-E / KPU / KP-A pressure switches, standard applications
  • RT/ RT-A / RT-E pressure switches, heavy duty applications
  • RT differential pressure switches
  • MP / MP-A / MP-E differential pressure switches
  • TB pressure switches, high precision
  • ACB cartridge pressure switches



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