Electrically Operated Valves

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The Danfoss portfolio of Electric Expansion Valves consists of Solenoid Expansion Valves and Stepper Motor Expansion Valves, including versions for CO2 systems. Any of these components will suit the exact capacity demands of a system, making a positive difference to the energy consumption. Danfoss Electric Expansion Valves help fine-tune your system in a cost-efficient way. The Danfoss portfolio of Electric Expansion Valves makes it possible to keep up with the increasing environmental concerns and tighter CO2 emission regulations. At the same time, it enables significant energy savings and cost reductions.

Product Specs

Product Range

  • AKVH electric expansion valves, for high-pressure refrigerants
  • AKV electric expansion valves, for fluorinated refrigerants
  • AKVA electric expansion valves, for ammonia
  • AKV / AKVA, accessories and spare parts
  • ETS electric expansion valve, for fluorinated refrigerants
  • KVS electric regulating valve
  • ETS / KVS electrically operated valves, accessories and spare parts
  • ICMTS motor operated valve, for high-pressure applications
  • Danfoss Saginomiya SKV, VKV and AKV electric expansion valves



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