June 12, 2020

Best air conditioning options for garages

Picking the right air conditioning solutions for your garage is no small feat. It’s very important to make sure that you have the right AC unit in your garage, so you can keep everything safe and ensure that nothing ends up overheating. That’s especially true if you store items inside your garage or anything like that. Try to take your time, figure out which is the better options and results can be great.

Mini split air conditioners
These are very good because they are simple and you don’t need a ductwork. It’s the main reason why a lot of people get these units in the first place. The refrigerant and power line are connecting the 2 units via a small hole in the wall. You install the indoor unit in the garage, getting a wall mounted one works great because it’s efficient and then you just connect it to the outside and you are good to go. It’s a very good and efficient system, it’s DIY friendly, the size can differ based on your needs and you get loots of value for money.

Wall air conditioners
These are similar to window units but you don’t need a window. The great thing is that you will need a rectangular hole in the wall. That being said, you will also have heat pumps to ensure that you have a great temperature throughout the year, which is always a great thing to have in a situation like this. The wall air conditioners can be a little tricky to install, but if you do them right, it will be worth the effort all the time.

Window air conditioners
These window air conditioning tools are great if you have a small garage or up to a 2-door garage. The thing to keep in mind here is the fact that they are affordable and they also provide a very good efficiency. On top of that, you also have some really good features. Some even have Wi-Fi to control the unit remotely. Plus, they have auto restart, a multitude of fan speeds and cooling levels, timers and
remotes. This type of air conditioning for your garage is great, it gets the job done and that’s what matters.

Portable air conditioning
If you just need to cool down when you work in the garage, it makes a lot of sense to give this a try and use a portable air conditioning unit. This is great because you can take it with you anywhere you want. It does need to be vented out a window, however these units are not powerful. But if you just need a good, personal air conditioning solution, this will work pretty well.

We recommend you to give these air conditioning solutions a try and see what works for yourself. It can give you a really good result and the quality is always amazing. You just need to take your time and see what works for you. With the right approach, results can be incredible, but it all comes down to what air
conditioning solution works for your garage and preferences!