January 12, 2020

How to deal with an upper floor that is too hot?

Having an upper floor that’s too hot is something that can happen at times. It’s important to understand what leads to this type of issue and also what you can do with it. With the right ideas you can make it work, it all comes down to having patience and not rushing in any way. Here are some tips to help you.

Why is the upper floor hot?
There are multiple reasons why the upper floor can be hot in the first place. One of the first issues would be the hot air. If you have the HVAC unit on the first floor, then the hot air is pushed upwards and it will arrive in the upper floor. Not only that, but the roof can get hot too. And if the upper floor is right under your roof, that means it will be very hot in there as well. Even the ducts will take cool air from the system throughout the home, but if they are improperly installed that can lead to problems.

What can you do?
When you encounter any type of issue like this, you need to avoid any panic. Thankfully, there are ways to handle such a problem, and they are not that complicated even. First, you want to redirect the airflow to the second floor. You can find the HVAC dampers on the ducts that go to the first floor, close them halfway down or more and that will lead to the second floor.

It also makes sense to change the filters. These will offer a much better airflow and it will help you more than you imagine. We also recommend you to ventilate and also insulate the attic. That will help you avoid moisture and heat in the attic, which in the end can lead to some extraordinary results every time. You might also want to insulate the windows too. We believe this is a very good idea because it helps prevent any seepage. Seal all the gaps, holes and cracks and you will be fine in the end.

Also, make sure that you repair the AC unit, it might be malfunctioning. In some cases it might even be broken, so you have to replace it. You just have to understand the causes behind this severe heating issue and then you can take action as fast as possible.

Final thoughts
Despite the fact that your upper floor can get hot fast, there are ways to get around it. As long as you have enough patience you will be fine. The idea is to constantly adapt to the process and ensure that you chose the best solution. It all comes down to testing out multiple options, but in the end that’s the best possible approach. Do that, and you will be just fine most of the time. It’s a great opportunity to cool down your home, so just adapt these tips to your needs and you will stop dealing with so much heat on the upper floor.