October 10, 2019

Things about air conditioning you should know

We all use our air conditioning unit often, but we don’t really know that much about it other than turning it on and off. The reality is that any air conditioning unit is a complex machine and you need to take good care of it. Yes, proper maintenance is pretty much mandatory, otherwise you will end up with various AC problems and that’s something you really want to focus on.

Replace filters often / clean them
A very good idea is to keep the filters clean. Depending on the filter material, you either have to replace them or to clean them up. Make sure that the filters are clean as otherwise you will have respiratory issues. That’s something you really need to take into consideration at this time.

You don’t need freon every year
You need freon only if there are leaks. But more often than not leaks won’t appear each time, so you should talk with a professional first. Freon might be needed once a few years, but again, talking with an expert will help you a lot.

Avoid having weed eaters near the outdoor unit
Usually the weed eaters might end up bringing problems and the pipes or wires can be cut. In that case, the best thing you can do is to call an AC service professional to see how they can solve the problem as fast as possible.

Try to not off-set the temperature more than 5 degrees while away
If you do that, it will be very hard to bring the temperature down at the desired level. You want to save energy, not to consume a lot of it. A wise approach here can make quite the difference, all you need is patience and it will be worth the effort.

Always check the indoor and outdoor unit for leaks
The reason you want to check for leaks is because it will help you quite a bit and it will help eliminate any hassle. You do want to test this out for yourself, but more often than not checking for leaks helps immensely and it will eliminate any problems that can appear in the long run.

See if there’s frost on the air conditioning unit or pipes
If you see frost on the pipes, then the system is not cooling properly. You need to take your time here and figure out why something like this is happening. If the air conditioner is thawed, then it might start cooling again. Try to solve the root problem by calling a professional.

As you can see, there are many things that people don’t know about their air conditioning. It’s important to have a good understanding of their AC unit, as you will have a much better result and the experience will be great. Take your time and ensure that you have the best AC unit maintenance done from time to time. It will help a lot and it will eliminate many potential problems!