June 10, 2019

6 Air Conditioner Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

With the peak weather changes, we need a properly functioning HVAC system in the living space that can maintain temperature to the desired level. But calling professionals to repair them every time may seem an expensive affair to most homeowners. Don’t worry; there are few repair ideas that can be executed by following DIY procedures as well.

If your AC is not working well; it is good to follow a few simple repair tips that are listed below:

1. Check the breaker:
In case if the unit is not working, the chances are that the breaker has tipped. In case if your home has numbers of heavy-duty appliances and lights running on the same breaker, it may trip more often. In order to avoid frustration and save your money from calling professionals; it is first important to check the breaker.

2. Examine the thermostat:
The second most important part of the HVAC system that can cause distress at times is the thermostat. In case if the system is battery operated, the chances are that it may need new batteries to work well. Also, make sure that the thermostat is working efficiently as per adjusted room temperature.

3. Change the old filter:
It is also possible to avoid major repair issues by just changing the filters of your AC system from time to time. Note that, when the filter is clogged and dirty, it can pose several threats to the system performance as well. Improper air flow can further hamper cooling efficiency as well. It is important to check filters time to time and make sure you repair them before they hamper overall functionality.

4. Clean the parts:
The old HVAC system may get dirty with time, and it may also reduce its performance. In order to make it work fine, you may just need to clean it well. Simply clean the fan blades while removing the debris from the inner portion. The fins must be also cleaned on time. But be careful while handling them because they are easy to break or bend. Make sure the system is off when you are cleaning it.

5. Examine the ducts:
If you are comfortable in moving to your attic, prefer to check the duct area to ensure that it is allowing proper circulation of clean air throughout. In case if they are dirty and are blocking air flow in the premises; they must be cleaned on time. This task can be executed by anyone without seeking professional help.

6. Thaw frozen coils:
Last but not the least task you can try to know if AC is working fine or not is to check if the coils are working fine. Do simple observation of the entire setup in the system and check if the coils have frozen. While executing this procedure, make sure the system is off. Adjust the temperature at a higher level than room temperature with fan settings only. It will soon bring them into normal working conditions and you HVAC system will start normal cooling.

In case if nothing helps, you must call professionals from Oldach USA. They can help you fix the trouble on time.