January 4, 2019

Good Time To Repair Or Better Off Replacing Units

Most of the homeowners keep on avoiding the health of their HVAC system until a major problem arises. But the terrible fact is that it can result in some serious issues at a later stage and then instead of repairing it; you may have to invest a huge amount to get it replaced. In order to save money and ensure proper service from your HVAC system throughout the year, it is important to make a clear analysis about when you should solve the trouble with repair and when it becomes important to replace the whole unit.

Below we have highlighted a few essential factors to ease your decision:

• Age of your HVAC system:
Manufacturers reveal that estimated lifecycle of a heat pump or air conditioner
system is usually somewhere between 10 to 12 years whereas, for the furnace, the
life expectancy increases up to 15-20 years. In case if your unit has covered its
average life cycle, it is good not to waste money on major repairs. Rather you need to avail professional service for complete replacement.

• Financial incentives:
Experts advise considering the 50% rule for repair and replacement of an HVAC
system. When the estimated cost of repeated repair has crossed the 50% value of its actual value; it is time to look for a replacement. It is important to understand that when the heating and cooling systems approach to the final stage of its life
expectancy; the system becomes less energy efficient. In order to avoid the losses
due to higher energy cost; it is better to replace the system with another efficient

• Home improvements:
In case if you are remodelling your old home; it may also need better arrangements for insulation with higher energy efficiency. The installation of new roofing, insulation, doors, windows and sealing has a great impact on the overall temperature of the environment and the HVAC system must be replaced accordingly to create a perfect atmosphere inside.

• Environmental impact:
Studies reveal that heating; air conditioning and water heating consumes more than 50% of the routine domestic energy usage. In order to save more, you should install the latest energy efficient systems at home; they can also help to reduce carbon footprint in the premises. The latest HVAC systems are more environmentally friendly; you should consider installing one with a higher energy star rating to save more money.

• Comfort:
Are you completely satisfied with the performance of your current HVAC system? If yes, minor issues can be repaired by calling professionals from Oldach USA. But in case if your heating and cooling system are showing poor performance with higher noise, unwanted temperature swings and improper air quality; it is important to look for another system. The modern heating and cooling systems are designed using comfort technology that ensures better performance for the long run.

Whether you want to repair the existing unit or wish to install a new one to enjoy high-quality services; it is better to hire professionals from Oldach USA.