November 4, 2018

Pro Tips from Oldach USA

Who doesn’t want to save more on maintaining heating and cooling systems? But most of the homeowners around the world don’t know the right tips and techniques to ensure long life performance from these appliances and equipment. Well! If you are also facing the same trouble, professionals at Oldach USA advise you to boost energy consumption at home by following these simple tips:


  • The moment you switch the cooling or heating system at home, make sure all the windows and doors are closed otherwise you will just end up wasting lots of energy without maintaining the desired temperature.
  • Prefer to use wood frame and metal frame windows in your premises. They can help you to balance the inner temperature very well.
  • It is good to have caulking and weather stripping for all your entrance doors and windows as well. This is the best way to keep air outside while maintaining the internal temperature at the desired range.
  • Get help from professionals to install tight-fitting dampers for fireplaces so that they can be easily shut down in the summer season.

Heating System:

  • It is better to mount the thermostat on the internal wall of the home; make sure it is away from the doors and windows.
  • In case if you are having a get together at your home with many people, it is better to lower down the thermostat to save much on heating bills while ensuring great temperature inside.
  • Prefer to install humidifiers at home, especially in the winter season. They are capable enough to conserve the heating cost as you can keep the thermostat at a lower level without compromising for the desired temperature setting.
  • The latest technologies can provide you with additional benefits. Get a programmable thermostat for your home as it can automatically adjust the indoor temperature as per your need. Indeed, you will be able to save more money, more energy.

Cooling System:

  • It is important to make proper ventilation arrangement at your attic. When the heat rises, larger vents can help you to get rid of unwanted heat build-up.
  • If you are designing a new home or planning to renovate the new one, it is better to use light color shingles on a roof so that it can easily reflect sunlight as well as heat to maintain proper temperature inside.